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General Product Specification - A general data sheet for the insulation jackets.

Diesel Engine Exhaust - Insulation jackets for Diesel engine exhaust & turbos. Rating 650°C

Gas Turbine Exhaust - Insulation jackets for Gas Turbine exhaust collectors. Rating 1,000°C

Flange / Valve Jackets - Insulation jackets for hot pipe flanges & valves. Rating 260°C or 600°C

Oil / Fuel Hose Fire Protection - Insulation Sleeving for the protection of flexible hoses.

Fuel Pipe Insulation / Spray Jackets - Spray prevention jackets for fuel pipe flanges.

Branded Equipment Covers - Tarpaulin covers for equipment protection from harsh weather conditions. Can include company logo / banner.

Acoustic Enclosures - Enclosures to reduce noise from equipment.

Acoustic Absorbers - Fire retardant, acoustic absorbing curtains.

Welding Protection - Fire retardant welding curtains and blankets, for protection from weld splatter.